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Live School Curriculum

Live School is a comprehensive and portable missions training and discipleship program that seeks to train indigenous believers in remote and unreached areas of the developing world to plant sustainable churches and be missionaries to their own and neighboring people groups.

Live School consists of 242 sessions. The 19 lecturers that teach on the 26 subjects are from 13 countries across 5 continents. They are all practitioners in their respective fields

Live School is currently available in English, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Farsi, Turkish, Korean and French. The Spanish and Portuguese versions will be completed in the third quarter of 2016. We plan to start the translation and dubbing into Hindi and Mandarin within the next few months. The last two translation we are planning to complete will be Bahasa (Indonesia) and Mongolia.

Below you can find a short biography and excerpts of the various courses and the speakers.

Introduction to missions – Willie Crew


Pastor Willie Crew presents a vision for the unreached people groups and the part that the Live School students will play in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. He emphasizes the discipline that will be required of each student to face the harsh conditions they will experience on the field. This lecture ends with a picture of the final goal of all missions: to see people from every tribe and tongue and nation standing before the throne at the end of time and worshipping the Almighty God.


Willie Crew, the founder of World Mission Centre, was called to mobilize local churches to the task of missions. He worked as a pastor for Hatfield Church in Pretoria, SA, but left to establish WMC. He has established many other missions schools in many different countries. These lectures consist of an introduction to the World Mission Centre, how it started and what has been achieved so far by God’s grace. As an encouragement to students, Willie shares the results of the Focus team, which went to the Mikea people in southern Madagascar, one of the least reached people groups in Southern Africa.

Quote: “Ultimately, it’s not missions. It’s worship.”

Intercession – Daleen Gibbens


Dalene Gibbens develops the meaning of intercession from a biblical perspective. She then presents the principles for purposeful intercession, illustrating her teachings with many examples of the power of prayer.


Dalene Gibbens (South Africa) is a pastor’s wife in the city of Van Der Bijl Park in South Africa. She has a very successful intercession ministry in the country, mobilizing many people in prayer cell groups to support several areas of ministry.

Quote: “If we look at the Word of God, we see that David had intimacy with God before he moved into war.”

The Divine Plumbline – Samuel Jacobsen


Based on the book by Dr. Bruce Thompson, a medical missionary, this course deals with the deep hurts and psycho-somatic problems that we all carry and how we can be healed through Scripture and a healthy relationship with God. Jacobsen systematically explains how we must measure our lives against the Divine Plumbline, the Word of God. He explains how applying the psychology of a good relationship with the Lord leads to good feelings about ourselves and good relationship with others.


Samuel Jacobsen is an electrical engineer and has worked with Youth With A Mission for more than twenty years. He currently resides in South Africa with his family.

Quote: “We build walls around our hearts so that the knowledge [truth] in our heads cannot get to and transform our hearts…God wants to break down those walls.”

Process of preparation – Willie Crew


Pastor Willie Crew teaches this course which focuses on the “Quarry Experience”, the time of preparation and character development necessary to build a successful ministry. Willie teaches in this course that the more you want to be used by the Lord, the longer your time of preparation will be. The themes of this course come straight from men from the Bible, such as David and his transformation from shepherd to king and Timothy as he grows and is discipled by Paul.


Willie Crew, the founder of World Mission Centre, was called to mobilize local churches to the task of missions. He worked as a pastor for Hatfield Church in Pretoria, SA, but left to establish WMC. He has established many other missions schools in many different countries. These lectures consist of an introduction to the World Mission Centre, how it started and what has been achieved so far by God’s grace. As an encouragement to students, Willie shares the results of the Focus team, which went to the Mikea people in southern Madagascar, one of the least reached people groups in Southern Africa.

Quote: “Your attitude will rule your life.”

God’s ways – Leon De Jager


In this dynamic lecture, Leon De Jager presents Christianity as a lifestyle based on love and servanthood. He eloquently describes the intimate relationship that God desires with every one of us and how God carries us through every trial that may come our way.


Pastor Leon is a very successful minister in South Africa. While pastoring a church, people would travel up to two hundred kilometers to attend and hear him speak. He is now the director of a bible college and travels worldwide to speak at conferences and services.

Quote: “You are an overcomer because of the word of your testimony.”

Relationships – Graeme Lennox


In these lectures, Graeme Lennox emphasizes the four main secrets to healthy relationships: the Secret of Peace, the Secret of Patience, the Secret of Gentleness, and the Secret of Integrity.


Graeme Lennox is the senior pastor of the Middleburg Christian Fellowship Church in Middleburg, South Africa.

Quote: “Integrity is deciding to integrate my heart’s values into my daily activities. You don’t just fall into integrity; it’s something you must decide to do.”

Discipleship – Randy Pope


In this course, Pastor Randy Pope communicates the basic discipleship principles. He teaches on this command from Jesus by giving practical steps and insights on how to go forth and make disciples.


Randy Pope is the senior pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Quote: “He who is forgiven much, loves much.”

Finances – Clive Pick


In these sessions, Clive Pick focuses on the biblical principles of tithing and giving. He teaches that obedience in this area brings corresponding blessings, which the Word of God promises. Working through the principles found in Malachi 3:6-12, the purpose of the course is to learn how to manage personal finances to the glory of God.


Clive Pick has a specialized and worldwide ministry of speaking about finances and the various aspects of Kingdom Economics.

Quote: “How can we come out of debt if we owe God money?”

Spiritual Authority – Gunnar Olson


In these sessions, Gunnar Olson speaks about walking in obedience to God’s voice even when it seems impossible or uncanny. Gunnar shares testimonies from his own life to show how God honors us when we simply listen and obey. He also explains how every Christian, no matter how small, has the same authority – the power of the risen Jesus Christ – within them to do incredible things in the Kingdom of God.


Gunnar Olson is the founder of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC). Starting from humble beginnings in Sweden, Gunnar built a corporate business empire based on Christian principles. In listening to what God wanted and being obedient, Gunnar has been led to remarkable experiences like meeting with presidents and heads of states in places such as Russia, China, Africa, and the Middle East.

Quote: “You cannot bring anything of the flesh into the kingdom. We must give up all of our riches to enter the kingdom.”

Spiritual Gifts – Clement Anegbe


Pastor Clement Anegbe provides a balanced and systematic series of lectures on spiritual gifts. The main themes of this course include: understanding spiritual gifts from Scripture, establishing the relevance of spiritual gifts in world evangelism and missions, and guiding students to discover and develop their gifts so they can lead a life fulfilling the purposes to which God has called them.


Before being called into full-time ministry, Pastor Clement was a production engineer. Now, he serves as pastor and director of the Evangelism and Mission’s Commission of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, based in Joss, Nigeria.

Quote: “The Word of God is not true because he proved it, the Word of God is true because it is the Word of God.”


Community health – Marlene Porter


This course emphasizes the importance of health on the individual and community level. Marlene Porter thoroughly explains all aspects of health, including physical, mental, and social well-being.


Marlene Porter is a registered nurse who devotes her time to serving a poor, black community by providing them with basic medical care.

Quote: “We need to teach the people simple principles that will change their lives. If we are truly to set Jesus’ example, we need to teach, preach and heal.“

Community development – Gavin Porter


In these lectures, Gavin Porter ministers in three areas of help: relief, development and empowerment. Relief is the temporary assistance that alleviates serious, immediate suffering. Development involves thinking and working in three areas: intellectual, physical and spiritual. Empowerment is what makes development possible; it is what is done to encourage and enable development, and it can be done in a variety of ways such as training, teaching, small loans, etc.


Gavin Porter worked for many years with World Mission Centre but then left to work with the ministry, Partners in Grace. Through this ministry, he served some of the poorest and most rural communities of South Africa.

Quote: “Community development is not a short term project that you rush into and change everyone’s life. Community development is about spending time with the people, learning from them, encouraging them, enabling them.”

Cell church planting – Lawrence Khong

Pastor Lawrence Khong from the Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore brought a delegation with him, and some of those leaders speak on various aspects of cell church outreach, organization and establishment.

Overview of Theology – Kevin Doran


This introductory level theology course was taught by Pastor Kevin Doran, who focuses on systematic theology while teaching the basic Scriptural doctrines of Christianity. This course lays a biblical foundation on which students’ faith can continue to grow.


Kevin Doran played a very influential part in growing a small Baptist church from two hundred members to five thousand members. In the same church, he also started a Bible college.

Acts in action – Willie Crew

Willie works through the book of Acts setting out the principles that enabled the church to grow and expand. Each student will be required to record and meditate on these principles. Then they will decide which principles are still valid for today and how they could be implemented on the mission field to which the students will be going.

Perseverance in ministry – Bill Taylor

Dr. Bill Taylor is the director of the Missions Commission of the World Evangelical Fellowship. He served as a missionary in Guatemala for seventeen years. This is an excellent course in which Bill spells out the reality of having to persevere through all the difficulties experienced on the mission field. The positive aspects, which have kept missionaries in the field for long periods of time, will also be analysed.

Folk religion – Phil Steyne

Phil Steyne is currently a Professor at Colombia Biblical Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A. Phil was also a missionary for many years in various African countries.

One of the most difficult experiences for a missionary going to an African country is to understand the culture of the group he is going to serve. Phil prepares the students to develop ways to adapt to the culture group wherever he/she may go.

Cross-cultural communication – Phil Steyne

This series of studies is concerned with the Message, which has been entrusted to us, and that it will be understood clearly by those who hear it from us. This is a very detailed course dealing with words, gestures, and customs, all of which are involved in effectively communicating the Message.

Chronological approach – Gerson Celeti

Gerson is from Brazil and has been serving the Lord with New Tribes Missions for the past twenty years. He spent many years in Senegal ministering among Moslems. New Tribes Missions bases its mission’s strategy on the Chronological Approach. They start in Genesis and work through the Bible in drama form, enacting most of the important stories, emphasizing sacrifice and culminating in the crucifixion. Gerson will show a video of a tribe in Papua, New Guinea where almost the whole tribe came to salvation, and then they began to evangelise the tribes round around them.

Study the Bible – Gray Poehnell

Gray is from Richmond, British Colombia, Canada, and he has taught Greek and Bible study methods for the past twenty-five years. Gray will explain Ephesians, chapter one, verse by verse. He uses the question and answer method, comparing Scripture with Scripture, demonstrating how one can understand the Word of God when commentaries and other helps are not available. This will open up an in-depth method of Bible study, which will be a great help to the students.

Principles of communication – John Kayser

Dr. John Kayser is the African Coordinator of Bethany World Missions. He was born of missionary parents and raised in Ethiopia, where he later also served as a missionary. John starts with the premise that God communicates with us and that God seeks to be understood. God has communicated with us through His incarnated son, Jesus Christ. John will demonstrate how to teach this truth so that any culture can understand it.

Communicating the Bible – Kevin Doran

In these lectures Kevin will present some important aspects of preparing and delivering a sermon. This is vital to students, especially if they have never delivered a sermon. These lessons will be used in conjunction with the practical preaching sessions to give students the opportunity to put into practice what they learn from Kevin’s instruction.

Ethnographic Process – John Kayser

John discusses the process of understanding the environment into which students will be going to minister. Research is necessary to be informed, to appreciate the culture and its needs, the history of previous efforts, the successes and failures of associations, institutions, gatherings, leaders, social dynamics, modernization, government policies, economics, other religions, and the history of the church among the people, if there has been a history.

Cultural Anthropology – Phil Steyne

In Phil’s own words, “This particular subject with which we are starting has helped me to quickly evaluate any given social community, because if you understand a community, it is easier to communicate with it.” Phil begins with the missionary’s preparation. He says, “If you are not happy with whom you are, you are going to have problems. What you regret about yourself, you will project onto others, and our understanding of who we are in Christ is of the utmost importance.”

Preparation for outreach – Willie Crew

In the first session, Willie speaks on the issue of staying focused on training to go to the least-reached peoples groups. The following session discusses earning the right to share your faith. Then he explains the reporting process, getting information that will be meaningful back to the mission base. The important issue of getting instructions from the Lord in situations, which may become problematic, is also considered.